A hit-and-run occurs when someone fails to stop his or her vehicle, identify him or herself or provide assistance to the injured when involved in a car accident. It is thus considered that such individual has attempted to flee his or her civil or criminal responsibilities.

This is a very serious charge that is not to be taken lightly. If criminal charges are brought against you, you could have a criminal record and be sentenced to imprisonment. If you are charged with a traffic offence, you could accumulate up to 9 demerit points, receive a hefty fine and see a steep hike in your insurance rates and licence fees.

In this case, you need a strong defence well adapted to your situation. To establish a winning strategy, you need the help of an experienced criminal lawyer to build your defence and provide effective representation before the court. Jonathan Boivin has the experience needed to defend your interests and minimize the impacts of a hit-and-run on your life.

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