Criminal Law

Criminal law punishes behaviours considered unacceptable in our society. The Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions is responsible for of applying laws that sanction these behaviours that may be subject to prosecution. Jonathan Boivin was able to acquire experience and put it to use many times over during his six years of practice as an attorney at the Director of Criminal and Penal Prosecutions.

The Law Office’s Areas of Intervention and Expertise

Représentations sur sentence et principes de pénologie

Submissions on sentencing and penology principles

When a guilty finding is rendered, the judges’ power to impose a sentence is guided by various penology principles. Before sentencing submissions, Jonathan Boivin thoroughly analyzes cases in order to submit to the judge a just and reasonable punishment while considering these principles.

Fraude, vol et recel

Fraud, Theft and Receiving of Stolen Goods

From shoplifting allegations to large-scale economic frauds, Jonathan Boivin will know how to defend you.



Jonathan Boivin defends the interests of any individual accused of having committed a violent crime. From threats to aggravated assault, regardless of context, he will defend you.

M. Boivin also handles conjugal violence cases.


Simple possession, possession with the purpose of trafficking, trafficking and production are accusations for which Jonathan Boivin was able to develop considerable expertise through the years.

Agression sexuelle

Sexual Assault

Sexual assault is defined as a violation of a person’s integrity in circumstances of a sexual nature without that person’s consent. Given the gravity of such an accusation and the serious consequences to which it can lead, it is important to be well represented. Thanks to his experience, Jonathan Boivin will know how to defend brilliantly his clients.

Infractions relatives à la conduite d’un véhicule automobile

Reckless driving

Whether it is an accusation of dangerous operation, hit and run or others, Jonathan Boivin will know how to put to use his experience to represent his clients before courts.

Refus d’obtempérer à un ordre de l’agent de la paix

Refusal to obey the orders of a peace officer/driving under the influence

When an individual is intercepted by police officers, they must be sure to respect that individual’s rights, for example, the right to counsel. Jonathan Boivin has the necessary expertise to conduct a rigorous analysis of the case and thus identify any breach the police officers have committed.

Crime contre la propriété

Property Crime

Entrust your case to Jonathan Boivin for all accusations of mischief, breaking and entering or arson against you.



Homicide accusations are made when a person, directly or indirectly, by any means, causes the death of an individual. Jonathan Boivin will know how to handle all aspects of this type of case, which is sensitive and often in the media, with professionalism, tact, and diligence.

Infractions impliquant un mineur

Offences involving a minor (Youth Court)

Jonathan Boivin defends the interests of any minor accused of a criminal infraction before the Court of Quebec, Youth Division. Because accused youths may be unfamiliar with the process and that they are held accountable for their actions as if they were adult, Jonathan Boivin walks his clients through the different steps and represents them in order to offer them a full and complete defense.

Appel de décision et sentence

Decision and Sentence Appeal

A person condemned or sentenced has the right to appeal so that a person from a court of a higher jurisdiction may decide if the rendered decision is valid or not. Jonathan Boivin’s experience with appeals allow him to prepare his files adequately to accomplish his assignment.

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